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RP Application if I ever want to put Shelke in any game places...

OOC Information

Name: Marianne
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IC Information

Journal: [personal profile] virtually_human
Name: Shelke Rui
Age: 21
Place of Origin: Currently, a sentient world of mysterious power commonly known as The Nexus
Species/Race/Other: Specifically, she is human, but also a Mako-enhanced Cyborg
Canon/OC: Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Canon point: post canon to AU storyline

History: Shelke once worked for an organization that had been in the bowels of the Shin-Ra underground organization for three years in secrecy from the most of her orginal world. For a decade, she had been tortured and inhumanely experimented on to become a useful but temporary asset to DeepGround to locate the Proto-Materia that was inside of Vincent Valentine for the awakening of Weiss (who had attempted to sail the cosmos with the Lifestream creature Omega), the head of the DG's elite unit; the Tsviets. Those who experimented on her also uploaded every bit of recorded data from Dr. Lucrecia Cresent's memories and scientific research into her mind. (Shelke at times used to see visions what Lucrecia has seen and felt throughout her time when working in Shin-Ra.)

Before she became enlisted into the Tsviets, she was once a normal girl who lived with her sister, Shalua. She had the same feelings and experiences like all the other the other children in the village she grew up in.

When she was captured by the Shin-Ra to be tortured and inhumanely experimented on for ten years, she had become a shadow of herself. The AI they surgically done to her brain melded with her human tendencies, so she on occaision speaks in computer terms. While she was a Tsviet, she was an emotionless soldier following orders. She did what was required of her, but that changed when one of her former colleagues had turned against her and tried to kill her.

When Shalua, reunited with Shelke after so long, had sacrificed herself to save her, Shelke did not understand. She was overall confused as to why she would do something like that.

Long after Shalua's death, Shelke became more independent and chose to help Vincent Valentine and the World Restoration Organization of her own free will. Just as she was so harshly dismissed from DeepGround, she didn't want the world to end. She admitted she did not want there to be anymore suffering.

Now redeemed and did her part to help Vincent save the world, she's doing what she can to make up for the lost decade of her past and reconnect with humanity. Aside the fact that part of her is living artificial intelligence, she is capable of feeling real human emotions, and cares about her friends more than any kind of machinery could.

After a year, she along with some of her other friends had found themselves in a very strange and sentient world. Adjusting to this world was difficult for her at first, but overtime she had become familiar with how unusual Nexus really was. Overtime, she had made new friends. The ones Nexus has kept have helped her along in living as normal of a life as they could.

There was a point in time in the middle of a war in which Nexus had magically sent Shelke back to her original world, until she was whisked back there once more.

Now, she'll arrive in yet another world, pulled away from helping to protect her friends from getting infected with nano-bots and turning into the very things they've fought...

Personality: Shelke is an independent young woman who does her best to do what is right. She sees herself as someone who can live out her days as she likes. In memory of Shalua who sacrificed her life for Shelke's, she does her best to live freely to co-exist among people, no longer the child soldier she was mercilessly molded into.

She can often be seen as calm and collected. She is not easy to anger, and only raises her voice when the person is too far away to hear her normally, and wouldn't be able to be closer to them. Yelling would not be a factor when it comes her temper that is not often let out. Her words would have a cold and apathetic edge to them if she does lose her temper.

It would take Shelke a little time in getting to know new people. Opening up to strangers could be done, but she uses a bit of caution when doing so. She doesn't smile very much, but she could if she had something to smile about. Getting her to laugh without getting her confused or thinking and analyzing rationally about a subject beforehand is not typically an easy feat. Shelke's own attempt to be witty or sarcastic would come out in a dry tone.

There have been times in which her friends would light-heartedly tease her whenever she seemed too serious. Shelke doesn't mind that. She may smile in response if amused.

The A.I. in her mind is still very much a part of her too, so she still somewhat talks like a computer. Anyone who asks her about most subjects may likely get facts, plain facts, and/or simply unbiased facts. When expressing her own opinions about anything, she speaks with logic as thorough as possible.

She does not feel safe nor unsafe during most circumstances, so it would be hard to spook her. Insults do not bother her in the least. She holds absolutely no prejudice, whether young or old, human, humanoid, or not human at all. She does not voice any judgement unless the person is doing something seriously wrong.

As Shelke is not afraid for her own safety, she is capable of feeling fear or concern towards those she feels close to. She will step up and defend for them without hesitation, doing anything that's required to keep them from danger. In order to maintain a consistent hold on her humanity, she'd prefer there to be people around. Living in a world all alone isn't something she would ever want.

Whenever it comes to any mention of her early childhood, her sister, or during any point of time when she was Shin-Ra property, Shelke becomes very uncomfortable. She would become silent, avert her gaze, and not speak of it, or simply say she'd rather not speak of it. There's a small and selective group of friends she could trust with these subjects without consciously closing herself off. Trusting anyone anyone new concerning the sensitive areas of her past would be difficult for her to do. It would require a boundless amount of patience and understanding in the very least from the other, to which she would doubt until convinced otherwise.

Things she has no familiarity with at all may also bring discomfort--or perhaps cause her to be curious. Shelke has a curiousity about things around her, concepts and ideas, or human behavior she does not understand, or would be interested to know more about. Opening up to learn new things is something she tends to do in her spare time.

Her people skills are limited, but are developing. Sometimes, when around people she's getting to know, it's automatic for her to address someone formally, addressing them by their first and last name. Manners are what she doesn't lack, and she is able to be kind and helpful. But if there's something about someone she does not like, she may come off as quiet or reserved. She may feel it right to just distance herself from that person.

Abilities: Computers and hacking are a specialty of Shelke's. In her world, there were machines in which she could connect to and perform a Synaptic Net Dive, or in other words work a machine just by using her mind or even further--project a virtual reality version of herself.

Her Mako enhanced body has abilities to creep by someone while invisible, her fast and fierce fighting skills with her twin Electro Magnetic sabers, and her expertise in gathering technology data by projecting a virtual form of herself in the system of a machine, or something connected to Gaia's networks when she was still in her original world.

Shelke's other abilities include wielding and activitating electric-magnetic dual sabers, and she can put up a temporary magic shield around herself to deflect against some attacks.

Weaknesses: Shelke isn't much of a physically strong person at all. She won't be able to block brute force attacks. Her transparent magic shell of a shield could only reduce so much damage, depending on how strong the attacker is.

If she does not recieve her daily dose of any magic substance within twenty-four hours of the last time of getting it, she dies.

Her body is very much a human body. She would be able to recieve injuries the same way as any person. She is most vulnerable when she has little to no magic left to use.

At times, it may take a lot for her to express and feel certain emotions, such as genuine happiness, or to summon up tears. That decade-long chain of events of traumatic mistreatment has left a scar or void in her life has never been able to fade entirely.

Physical Appearance: Shelke has pale skin, light blue mako eyes, and short red hair with bangs that frame her face. (When activating her sabers or hacking into some machines that involve Synaptic Net Dive, her eyes glow light orange.) Her way of dress code are short sleeved or sleevelss sweaters and skirts. Shelke does not really have a sense of fashion, but she would choose clothes that would comfortably fit her. She doesn't seem to like wearing dresses.

Appearing to be that of a thirteen or fourteen year old girl now, she is actually older mentally, and emotionally. Her body has already started to age, but very slowly.

Writing Sample: Shelke began to search the library for information to gather, process, and discover if there was any purpose for being here. It was just as urgent to find the way back to where she was required and needed to assist her friends in the eradication of violent cyborgs. The unexplainable transferrance from world to world conflicted with her thought processes, to which centered around logic, reasoning, and other collected data stored into her RAM.

In scanning the shelves, she tugged out tomes she thought would be worth looking into, glancing at the titles on their bindings. She would skim through them, for time was limited. Her friends back at the Nexus were still at risk. She cared for their safety too. Not only that, but she had to discover if anyone in this world knew anything about Mako. She needed it to keep her body alive and functioning. Survival was a must. It would upset those who cared about her very much if they were ever to find out she died in this world, and she did not want that to happen.

"Excuse me," spoke a woman. "May I help you with anything?"

Shelke turned her head to look at her. In perceiving the question, she assumed that this person was part of the staff who worked in this place. With assistance, she calculated that her pursuit to remain operational would take up much less time. "Yes. I would like to be directed to look through your nonfiction categories on magic, please... Have you ever heard of Mako?"

The librarian blinked and said nothing for a moment, possibly puzzled by how mature she sounded. People always noticed that she sounded much older than she already looked. "Of course, miss." She smiled. "I'm sorry for staring." She gestured ahead with a slight wave of her hand. "It's right this way. I'll take you there."

"Thank you." Shelke held onto the books she picked out in both arms as she followed her with ease.

"Mako... That sounds familiar. Where do you come from?"

"Originally, I was born in a world called Gaia," she explained to her. "Mako used to be a primary source for not just magic, but electricity as well. The organization within the electric company and military obtained it by draining the planet of its Lifestream. As Shin-Ra provided their people in the plated city called Midgar with it, they also used it to produce Materia, magic that can be used during circumstances of combat... Last but not least, Mako is what keeps me alive."

Her explanation made the woman stop and look behind her back to Shelke, startled. "W-What? You would die... if you do not find any?"

Shelke nodded. "Affirmative. My body will decay otherwise, within the next twenty-four hours."