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Name:Shelke Rui
Birthdate:May 30
Website:Shelke on LiveJournal
((This journal is pure fiction, and Shelke Rui actually belongs to Square-Enix. This account it only for non profit entertainment purposes. And now for a brief introduction of who she is.))

Shelke Rui.

Shelke once worked for an organization that had been in the bowels of the Shin-Ra organization underground for three years. For a decade, she had been tortured and inhumanely experimented on to become a useful but temporary asset to DeepGround to locate the proto materia that was inside of Vincent Valentine for the awakening of Weiss (who had attempted to sail the cosmos with the Lifestream creature Omega), the head of the DG's elite unit; the Tsviets.

Appearing to be that of a ten year old girl, she is actually twice that age. Her body stayed the same after experimentation, and has needed daily mako treatments in order to survive ever since. Her Mako enhanced body has abilities to creep by someone while invisible, her fast and fierce fighting skills with her twin Electro Magnetic sabers, and her expertise in gathering technology data by projecting a virtual form of herself in the system of a machine, or something connected to Gaia's networks.

Now redeemed and did her part to help Vincent save the world, she's doing what she can to make up for the lost decade of her past and reconnect with humanity. Aside the fact that part of her is living artificial intelligence, she is capable of feeling real human emotions, and cares about her friends more than any kind of machinery could.

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